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14 August, 2023

Thank you David Helyard for joining our Sunday 10am service from Compassion Australia.

Join Compassion’s Prayer Partners Network and become a prayer warrior on behalf of children living in poverty.

Each month, you’ll receive prayer updates outlining specific issues affecting the lives of children, families and Compassion staff all around the world.

There are thousands of Compassion Prayer Partners across Australia. Together, we can believe God for an end to poverty, abuse and exploitation—all through the power of prayer.

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"When I'm afraid I put my trust in You" Psalm 56:3

Our Prayer for Israel and Palestine

Loving God, we come to you in this time of tragedy, after the sudden loss of loved ones

due to the conflict in Israel and Palestine. For those who have been injured, captured,

and for those whose homes have been destroyed. Father, we ask for your loving arms

to embrace our brothers and sisters who are in so much pain.

Loving God, we pray for a miraculous de-escalation of this dangerous conflict. Terrible

things are being done, many hundreds have died, hospitals are overflowing, many are

suddenly grieving. Violence is provoking violence but we pray for reason to prevail over

rage and revenge.

Loving God, as the people grapple with the severe loss, the injury and destruction that

is all around them. God, we remember that you are higher than any other, we ask you

to hold them in their time of anguish and uncertainty. May your presence and your

compassion bring them peace.

Loving God, we lift up the people of Israel and Palestine. We pray for all those

impacted, and we pray for active and effective peacemaking. Lord we also pray for the

first responders, the medical professionals, the rescue workers, and for all those who

volunteered to offer a helping hand. We pray that you grant them strength and courage

in the hours and days to come.

Loving God, we pray for all Christians in the Holy Land, that they would be your hands

and feet in this time. Give them strength to love both Jews and Muslims in their time of

despair. May they be your peacemakers and a witness to your faithfulness and never

ending love for all people.

Loving God, upon you we rely, and to you we turn. You do not waver, and you do not

abandon. Be with the people of Israel and Palestine in these days, and the weeks

ahead as they face the tragedy of loss.

We bring you all of these prayers, and ask them in the precious name of Jesus Christ.



Did Jesus Exist - Alpha Week 2

We had many people come along last Sunday to Cafe Church where we enjoyed a wonderful meal of winter soups (3 types), watched a video and enjoyed a chat with those on our table. There were new faces and others we knew!

We came with an open mind - to sit around a table and explore the question: Did Jesus exist?

The video looked at the evidence outside the New Testament about Jesus and evidence within the New Testament.

What did Jesus say about himself?

What evidence is there to support his claims?

Check out the link to the video from last Sunday if you were unable to come along, and consider joining us this Sunday at Cafe Church. We'd love to have you come along. Everyone's Welcome. :)

God Bless

Church Office Team


Prayer Night Wed 19 July 2023 7.30-8.30pm

We welcome you to join us inperson or online for our monthly prayer night.

Come - YOU are welcome!

Wed 21 June 7.30-8.30pm

Marion Church of Christ

As a church one of our core values is connecting with God through prayer and worship. With your church family, we gather together to lift up needs in the church and around the world, believing God is going to move in mighty ways. Won’t you please join us this for our July Prayer Night as we pray with faith that the Lord will help us in every area of our lives!

God Bless, see you there!